Saturday, June 6, 2015


May's Collection Diary was geared towards advancing this project. Now I have just about everything I need to get the first two Huge Ships going. I spent this week getting everything organized and ready to build these cool models. In the last few months I also got some things that I wanted to gear up my other EPIC projects. Now that I have all of these cool parts I am almost ready to get started again on these older builds.
I have done a lot of window shopping research to get the best options and parts to do a credible job with the detailing of all these models.

I am not a fan of homemade plasticard parts for fine detailing. Now that I know what is out there with newer GW Bits I feel good about bringing my Mandalorian Ships back onto the work bench too, along with my new Huge Mando ship project which will be based off that crazy Rattler gun.

I intend to get a whole lot of cool stuff done over the next few months while the good spray painting weather last.

The Hutt Patrol Corvette (HPC) is a fun ship concept, and I would like it even if I was not the crazy modeling guy that came up with it. This is going to be the main badass-battler for my Hutts. I am going to have a few cool rules for the HPC; including heavy turrets and a ramming prow, for the front gear as seen on the lead battleship in the Hutt painting I am basing my ship on.

 There is going to be a lot of fun in this one...

The Rim Wraith Banshee Escort is the little badass of the Wraith fleet. Think of a Rebel Transport that can actually fight; almost as hard as it's bigger counterparts.

More to come...



EPIC SCUM Boss out!