Monday, June 22, 2015


Fantasy Flight previewed The Kihraxz Fighter Expansion, which is the second Scum & Villainy ship, in their Lightening Reflexes article today! I absolutely love this Evil X-Wing... what a badass ship!

This is my favorite Small Based SCUM Ship in the game thus far. It has the look, and the stats to make it standout on any table IMO. There you are, you BAMF(s) you!

Great work Fantasy Flight Games.You guys managed to make a newer and slightly better version of this class of fighter, and insured that it would feel completely original with it's S&V Elicits options.

I have got to get a dozen of this expansion; six for my Hutts and six for my Rim Wraiths.

Yeah... I need a dozen at least!

Happy SCUM Boss out!