This page presents my entire X-WING, EPIC PLAY & ARMADA Collections. I started this little Illustrated Collection Diary Project in August of 2015. I will publish updates every few months.

SIX MONTH UPDATE: February 7 2016 

I have been collecting these wonderful models since 2013. I decided it would be fun to make a nice layout to show all of my ships. Note that these little ship icons are scaled here according to the ship types. I.E. the Small ships are in scale with each other, and the same applies to the Large and Huge ships
The little character and ship emotes took months to paint in good ole GIMP. It was a lot of paint by pixel fiddling work that made it possible for me to illustrate this page. I was pleasantly challenged by this level of effort when detailing these tiny images and ultimately it was all very fun to make!

I will be updating the fleet images as new goodies are released... of course. 
Happy collecting and gaming my Star Brothers!