Friday, May 29, 2015


This month I purchased a lot of cool models and toys to bring my X-Wing EPIC collection up to extra-badassery level. Because it is cool... My Wonderful Star Babies!

Now I can build one Large-huge and/or one Small-huge EPIC ship for my SCUM Main-force divided among all Sub-factions; Black Sun, Hutt Cartel, Rim Wraiths, and Mandalorians. That is going to be enough Huge Ships for me to be able to play all kinds of fun EPIC battles... and if FFG makes more then so much the better.

I do not want to go to crazy building new Huge alternate Ship types because Fantasy Flight might actually keep putting out one or two of these big babies each year. I do not think they will... but they might.

The good ole SWAG and Storage-case Factions got a nice extra large Iris case for my new Huge Ships and some good colors of paint for them too. I can probably store three EPIC ships in this case. That will do just fine... for now.

Now that I have a million bits and special parts and a nice storage case, I am going to get back to work on some older projects and these new babies.

EPIC SCUM Boss out!