Monday, June 29, 2015


This month I was able to get a few of the thus far elusive main Ships of The Line for BBA STAW, and the core fighters for X-Wing. I even got a couple of cute little star fighter expansions for Armada too!

I have all of the main fighters up to the six to ten mark now, for my X-Wing EPIC collection. Dat EPIC Glory, it is just to much fun... my wonderful Star Babies!
I have been putting Armada off until Wave II hits, but when I noticed that the new Fighter Expansions have been selling fast, I decided I better at least grab a set of each. They are very cool I think, and I can certainly see why people are buying them up!  I will be making it a STAR WARS ARMADA X-MAS.

These Eaglemoss ships are of course in scale for BBA STAW and they are all just about awesome. I have been kinda waiting for them to get released and all be in stock at Entertainment Earth. This month that happened, so I grabbed up four and saved on the shipping cost. It is always fun to get free shipping.

Happy Star Wars Trekking Boss out!