Saturday, May 16, 2015


I am getting ready to go back to the modeling desk! With warming weather inbound I can prime & spray paint again, hurray! The X-WING Wave Seven announcement has convinced me that there is going to be enough verity in the SCUM Faction for me to be able to build a HUTT Cartel and get my Rim Wraiths going too.

To get some of my ideas clear in my head I decided to spend my free time last recently painting this battle scene. I have most of the raw materials in hand to make all of the special ships present here, which are not part of the FFG product range. I want them in my collection however, so I have some more fun projects to work on. I figure by the time I get these models done FFG will have Wave 7 (AKA: SCUM Wave II) available. 

The majority of ships in this digital painting are actual photos of FFG X-Wing Models, some are my photos and others come from the FFG product images. I spent about thirty hours painting and editing these little ships, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I had a lot of fun making this battle scene and I will have even more fun when I can actually play out this battle on the tabletop... in about six months, prolly.


The Hutts are a cool and important race and their organizations effect the Star Wars Universe in fun ways. I need them in my X-Wing and EPIC games. Most of the Huge-ships I am going to go all out on are Corvettes. The term Corvette is actually a ship type which classifies fast and nimble craft. The next larger heavier class is Frigate.
These are the only two good Huge-ship fighter classes which can be made to fit into X-Wing EPIC Play. I like both terms and it is all good in my book. Transports can also fit into the game scale of course, but that is more of a generic term which can apply to almost any type of crazy ship, none of which are all that impressive as fighting craft.

I love the look of these HUTT Warships, which is why I am basing my Patrol Corvette on the same styling.These ships are a more advanced designs which look cool and badass, rather than being wacky like the older classic sail-barg'ish ships, which I do not like very much. It is fine to have sails in a hot atmosphere on a desert planet, but it is just silly looking in space IMO.


My Nebula Haunting Pirates are lead by Fallen Jedi. Their approach to combat befittingly emulates the mysterious ways of lost warrior rouges. I wanted to represent that eeriness without making a crazy-zombie-pirate type of faction. It is fun to think about, but kinda to damn crazy... ghost-paint-jobs shall suffice; along with a number of fun new faction specific upgrades and such.

The Dark Phoenix shall rise... RISE!

I started thinking about making the Rim Wraiths Faction way back in 2013 as a little mercenary add on. I am now going to make them a complete sub-faction in SCUM, right along with The Black Sun and The Jo'Boss'Kah Hutt Cartel.
The cool fighters in the first green image had me in love, and I was thinking about trying to build them out of wacky Micro Machines. Now that I have had more time to do some deeper research these models could be better used for making some wild looking Mandalorian fighters. I might do something like that later... dunno yet.
Now that the glorious Kihraxz is coming I am going to use that awesome ship for the primary Wraith-fighters. I have some very fun upgrades designed for this faction which will stand them firmly apart from other S&V Factions. It is going to be a lot of fun making all of this craziness a reality!


SCUM Boss out!