Tuesday, May 12, 2015


SCUM Wave 2 brings us the YV-666 Freighter and the Kihraxz Fighter. Like all ships in Scum & Villainy, the YV-666 and Kihraxz may be used in any sub-faction.

SCUM Wave 2 brings us the third most popular Bounty Hunter Bossk with his Hound's Tooth YV-666. How cool is that? VERY Cool!

With three Large Ships in the SCUM Faction, we Outer Rim types are going to be able to build some very solid list. I love that there are going to be strong choices such as these to lead Small Ships into battle. You almost do not need S&V Huge Ships, but we want them regardless, I think I need at least one Huge Ship for each sub-faction.

For me Bossk is actually the second best Bounty Hunter, right behind Boba. Fantasy Flight Games decided to bring him into the game third, but that is fine, just as long as we got him, and his cool ship. I am very happy!

The Kihraxz Fighter is my favorite Scum & Villainy Small-ship thus far. It looks like the SCUM X-Wing to me... I absolutely love it!

I started a topic about this ship at the FFG X-WING Forum a couple of weeks ago. The Star Brothers there basically love or hate this ship... which is to be expected. The majority are positive however, but think that comparing this fighter to an X-Wing is not entirely a good thing. There are some players who think the X-Wing is lackluster compared to the newer ships.

I agree that the basic X-Wings needs some new goodies, but the ship is still good and negative opinions from ultra-meta-minded players do not concern me. I am very happy about the new SCUM ships. I feel these two new X-WING Expansions bring the Scum & Villainy Faction up to the same level as Rebels and Empire.

Fantasy Flight Games is doing great work... keep it going Star Brothers! Now we need the rest of the Bounty Hunters.

SCUM Boss out