Thursday, October 9, 2014


It has been seven months since I made the closing post of my Spring Series. New models have been made and several of them are now available to us, with more coming soon. It is time for an update to this ongoing project!

Boss' BIG Attack Wing FALL Update!

The Borg have been the most difficult faction to bring into the BBA Scale. Now that I have done some more research, and Wiz Kids has announced their forthcoming Over-sized Cube Expansion, the Borg fit right into the damn-close and good enough for games category.

At the time of writing my Spring series, I had not watched STAR TREK DS9 and Voyager in years, but since I reopened my Netflix account again, I have watched the entirety of both series. There are some awesome episode in that 14 seasons of Trek-goodness.

The Borg Cubes changed in size often during the Voyager series. We all know that. I am chilling on the whole scale thing, with certain models, because I have the images from the shows fresh in mind again, and this is all supposed to be fun. For the most part all of the important ships are available in 1/2500 scale, as for the rest; the tiny and the huge ships... I am willing to let it go now and just enjoy my cool toys in the game.

Believe it or not this cool version of Deep Space Nine is very accurate and close to the right scale concerning small ships like the Klingon BOP and Jimmie BUG. I am adding this DS9 to my collection because I like it of course, and the little ships are in scale with it. Since most of my BBA models are in scale with the little ships it will all work together well enough.

Is the new DS9 Expansion perfect, or even mathematically accurate to scale with other 1/2500 models then?
Nope... but it will look close to right, and that is good enough at this point.
Like I said above, I have re-watched DS9 and that station and all of the ships around it changed size about a million times in seven seasons.

Go figure... I did, and I am cool with it all now. It will be a lot of fun to battle around with these wonderful models.

The Cadet Series has a new boxed set due to hit stores this month. The Cardassian Galor is the star of this show in my opinion. The Saratoga is an older model that is newly released, while the Defiant is the same model that came with the DS9 kit. In this set the Defiant is molded in gray rather than clear. This set is priced at $23 and if you want to own multiples of the trio, it is a nice option for building fleets. The only other good Galors are priced at $20 to $40 each.

In my opinion the Federation Models version of the Galor is still the best model of the ship. I have two of the Galor/Keldon kits coming to me this week, with some other goodies. The Cadet set is due in later this month. I will compare the Federation Galor with the AMT Galor, and share my findings with you later. I want a large Cardassian-Dominion Fleet, so I have to decide what to do. I may go crazy and buy three more of the $40 FED sets, or be cheap (Ha, Ha!) and get five of the $20 AMT sets. Dunno yet...

The Defiant was less of a challenge to buy on the other hand as there are plenty of nice versions out there already and five of them are in BBA Scale... Ha, Ha!

Eaglemoss has been keeping busy since my last article too. You can visit their archive page to see the ships that are available now or soon will be. You will notice that some of the Enterprise series ships are coming, namely the Klingon Early BOP, and a wonderful Andorian Cruiser. Both of these models are in BBA Scale, but are not a part of STAW yet. I will leave it to you to decide if you want to pursue them. I am going to, because it is just cool in my view to build a collection for that era.
Below you can see the nice big Eaglemoss ships that are in Attack Wing. You might need to own them...

The Eaglemoss Stargazer is beautiful and newly available this month. She is worth $25 in my view. It is going to be a fun ship to have in games, to be sure! I find it very amusing that random chaos decided to make the STAW and Eaglemoss versions of this ship became available in the US at the same time!

The Eaglemoss version of the Surak is also very nice and right on the $$$. The scheduled release date is January.

Eaglemoss is gearing up to release several cool new models in the next six months that fit very nicely into our BBA Scaled collection.

The Eaglemoss version of Bioship Alpha is a bit large, but that is fine because my research indicates that there are two types of this design, as well as the planet killer ship. The standard Bioships are the small versions that are accidentally in scale as released by Wiz. The larger combat ship is almost three times the size. This is the bigger ship that was in some of the Voyager episodes.
The current model in STAW is the smaller version that was in all of the Species episodes. The forthcoming Eaglemoss version is perfect to represent the larger craft. You can have fun with this by naming them as you like; Bio Alpha, Beta, and so forth.

It would not be hard to convert the Planet Destroyer ship from this larger Bioship model.

The Andorian Cruiser will count as a new Boss' BIG Approved addition to the game. There is no indication as of this article that Wizzie is going to bring Andorians into STAW, but I am most certainly going to include them and their cool ships!

The Eaglemoss ships I have discussed in this article are available now or scheduled for release this Winter and next Spring. This timeline is fine because many of the ships will not be officially in Attack Wing until then either.

More to come...



Trekkie Boss out!