Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I finally took the dark path this month and dived headlong into that scary Resin Nebula!


I mentioned in my BBA Fall Update that I have recently re-watched Voyager. I have been thinking of the cool rules that come with that ship and how the Borg are functioning in the game. I decided that it would be cool to have some more anti-borg ships in my collection. To this end I added a second Intrepid class, because it rocks, and the small version of the Vengeance Dreadnought class from JJ. I am going to convert this ship to be a new Borg Fighter for the Federation... more on that later.
The new Stargazer is an awesome ship which joins my collection as the third of my Eaglemoss models. I have had my eye on the Federation Models tiny ships for some time, and this month I finally got two of their fun little shuttle sets. These tiny craft will be awesome for scenarios. I even managed to grab up a rare pair of STAW Expansions in the Defiant and Reliant, both of which have been out of stock for months.


The Cardassians rise this month, and shall continue to thrive next month with the AMT Cadet Series DS9 Set! I have been meaning to start the Cardassians for a while now, but until the AMT set was announced it was kind of scary, because these resin models need extra work and they are not cheap.
I am happy now that I have gotten these support ships as twin sets. I plan to get five Galor class ships. I figure having two of all of the secondary ships is fine, once I have the main line Galors in there with them it will be a nice mix with plenty of fleet options.
I will likely run a Keldon escorted by a Galor on each flank, with the leader Galor escorted by a pair of generic Galor running up the middle. There are other good combos to field of course. I currently have five squadrons of fighters which are fun and round out the fleet. It would be cute to field all five Galor each escorted by a fighter squadron.

Fancy rules stuff, crafts gear, and swaggies

I love this stuff. The STAW cards came with the STAR WARS sleeves. The eBay seller offered them for free when you purchased any of his STAR TREK cards. He gets it! I got two more IG-88's to go with the one I have, so that when the IG-2000 hits I can run three of them Boss' style. I also got my third little R2-D2... cause!

Taking a closer look at the shuttles, these little guys are going to be an awful lot of fun in special scenarios. They will need a bit of tedious work to make them look great, but it is all fun in my book.

Next month I am staying on duty with my STAR TREK Collection.

BIG Trek Boss out!