Friday, August 1, 2014


The best models for me to start building for my Epic Terrain are the all important asteroids.

HUGE Asteroids! 

I started working on these this week and made some nice progress on them in the past few days. I am sculpting six huge asteroid tokens first, then I will make a dozen or more smaller matching tokens after I have the huge set done.
The ability to layout a cluttered environment which can be as light or as heavy as I want it to be is significant. Having these terrain options means that I can run all sorts of interesting and very challenging scenarios.

I am happy with the work thus far. I wanted Huge Asteroids to go with all of my Huge Ships, and now I am about to have a nice set of them.

The first step was to setup the Huge Bases. I am using some of my old DVD's, which are perfect for large model bases.

I washed all of the components in hot water with Dawn dish liquid and a scrubbing sponge to remove all of the oil and to give the plastic a nice roughing.
This step makes it easy for glue and putty to adhere properly. The brass washers add some nice weight to the center of the bases, while the plasticard squares provide a base to mount the flight stands.

Now the bases are all clean, glued, and ready for the flight stands, which I will make out of plastic tubing later.

Now for the fun stuff; the pretties that go on these bases.

I am making huge asteroids of course, but some of them will feature as dangerous fiery unstable masses or clustered rocks. These masses and clusters can crash into ships even if the ship base did not pass or contact the asteroid token's base.
Dramatic looking stranded asteroids and crazy special rock masses and clusters are going to be ridiculously fun in my view, and I will love useing them to amp up my games.
If I just make the the three asteroid types described above my asteroid field will be cool... but is there more for asteroid tokens to do in my games besides looking neat and getting in the way?
There sure is!
How about  adding some neat little tech-stuff attached to some of them.
I am thinking that blaster; ion, missile, and turbo laser turrets are a fun challenge? Sure... Ha, Ha!
While I am at it I may as well build some sneaky little spy goodies too such as relay and monitoring stations and some very useful hidden tibanna gas cashes.
I have written a number of Boss' Parlor Rules for all of this craziness which I will of course share with you, my wonderful B6*R7 Flyers later.

These little secrete facilities and turreted guns are going to look very nice set into and on top of my huge asteroids.

I set up a little workstation on my balcony to keep the mess of carving styrofoam outdoors. I do not recommend doing this sort of work in your home.

I had fun carving these huge rocks. The small set of asteroids will not be as dramatic as this set, but they will serve their purpose and be just as cool when I am done, I think...



Asteroid making Boss out!