Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Eleven days ago Fantasy Flight Games made a lot of X-Wingers very happy!!! The long awaited Third Faction Scum & Villiany enters the world of X-Wing in style and ready to play from day one as it comprises the whole of Wave Six! I am now happily getting my collection ready for the upgrades and ultimate glory that will be Boss' EPIC Pirate Fleet!

Part of my preparation for the forthcoming Scum & Villainy faction is of course  to work on the appropriate ships that I own now. I am converting some of my Z-95s, Y-Wings, HWK-290s and a Firespray-31 into Scum-models! I am also incorporating SCUM themed goodies into my ongoing Epic Terrain projects.
I reorganized the B6*R7 Blog a bit too this week. I made some fun little Rebel, Empire, and Scum banners which should make it easier to navigate my faction specific articles.

Another fun aspect of getting ready for the new Pirate-toys has of course been looking up related images and articles. This is some of the good stuff I have found since last weekend...

X-WING Game Designers Alex Davy & Frank Brooks talk about their work and share a few details about the new Scum & Villainy Faction. If you are looking forward to S&V this six minute segment of the interview will be very interesting I think, and worth your attention. The SCUM discussion runs till 9:09.

The SCUM starting lineup is great. Fantasy Flight Games went in the right direction, not only with the new models and rules, but they took it even further by redesigning previously released ships that absolutely fit the theme of the faction.

I would like to do a bit of speculation now. Bounty Hunters. We love them. We have had Boba Fett for a while now, as an Imperial ship. That was fine at that time. The new Boba Fett however is much better and truer to the officially sanctioned Star Wars EU we have enjoyed for many dry years after the original trilogy.
Now that FFG has corrected Boba and added IG-88, who by all appearances seems to have been done correctly from the start... we have a lot to be happy about!

Now then who is coming to our games next? I think we can expect Bossk in his Hounds Tooth. The FFG Forums chat says so, and it just makes sense now that the concerns we had about the future of Epic Huge Ships has been cleared up during the Q&A portion of the 2014 In-Flight Report. SCUM needs it's own Epic ship and the Hound is a perfect counter to the Rebel Transport. My number four pick has to be Zuckuss and or 4-Lom as a team...

A few nice images of the SCUM Ships have found their way to the net this week. Thanks to the Wingers who posted these pretties for us.

The Nova Squadron devoted a nice portion of Episode 5 to GEN CON news, particularly our new favorite SCUM Faction! Good show gang.

The future of STAR WARS X-WING and X-WING EPIC is very bright!

SCUM Boss out!