Sunday, October 26, 2014


You know I have been collecting these wonderful BIG ships for my BBA STAW Games. Now that I have a good few; enough to play some nice games, and I have my tables for my huge 5x7' set up... I need to get some bases done.

I have been thinking about how all of this is going to affect the actual game play. My BBA Scale does not cause to many issues. Because I have X-Wing EPIC in my head too, I have decided that Small and Large ships will work as normal, but the Huge ships will work differently.

Just as FFG chose to have special rules for these galactic titans, I am going to do the same thing but with some adjustments. I will go into all of that nerd detail later. For now I am concerned with getting bases under these models, so that they can be played and represented well on my table.

The FFG-WIZ Small and Large (which are Medium in BBA Scale, Yes... Uh-Oh!) bases are fine for corresponding ships. Large and Huge (BBA Scale) ships all need to be on GW Monster or 4x6" Tamiya display bases. I had planed to use Tamiya for Large (Medium BBA) ships too, as you can see above. That is not good for the overall game play, as I have discovered since I got to work on the rules adjustments. The ships affect the game by their bases, the ship models are not directly a part of the rules.

The base-ship scales in BBA STAW are: 

Tiny- Runabout, Fighter, Special (Mine or Probe).
Small- Defiant, B'rel, Fighter Squadron.
Medium- Miranda, K'tinga, Galor.
Large- Excelsior, Vor'cha, D'kyr.
Huge- Galaxy, Deridex, Sphere.
Special- Space Station, Cube.

I think I have the base sizes figured out pretty good now, after a few months of playing around with these wonderful toys.

Now there are just the Huge ship base templates and range rulers... I have some work to do yet!

Say Wizzies, thanks for FUBARing the models!

More to come...

BIG Trek Boss out.