Saturday, August 9, 2014


Fantasy Flight Games Announces STAR WARS ARMADA!

The game potentially answers a few questions for us. The X-Wingers at the FFG Forums have chatted about what the big new product for The Two Year Star Wars Anniversary might be! We have had a lot of fun speculating about it all. I have certainly supported the potential release of several more Star Wars Epic ships.

Many of us wondered if they would do a Fleet Combat Game like this... and sure enough they did, and it looks awesome!

The game has all new ships and swag of course, and a new game mechanic. The X-Wing feel is retained as far as I can tell, and the new rules seem like they are striking the right balance of complexity and enjoyable play, again just like X-Wing!

I am going to buy this of course, and play it as it is intended to be played. I will however enjoy using these cool little models for my Boss' Parlor Rules too in X-Wing Epic.

I am very happy about this new version of the game!

Imperial Fleet Boss out!