Friday, February 28, 2014


This month I got a very good start on my STAR TREK Model Collection, in fact I can begin playing some ATTACK WING Games as soon as I get the rules. I joked about tossing the little models that come with the game in the trash, but the fact is that they will be fine as Backdrop ships.

This is the second time I have had so many packages delivered on the same day, that I had to use a shopping cart to bring them all up to my apartment...Ha, Ha! The first time I pulled this stunt was when I started my STAR WARS collection...


The heroes of the galaxy have has founded! I am going to build this faction with several model brands because The Federation has the most diverse Starfleet of all the races in STAR TREK.
This was the challenge from the begging of this endeavor, to get everything into 2/500 & 1/50 scale.
I am very pleased by the fact that I could make this Boss' BIG ATTACK WING Project of mine actually happen.


I love the Klingons, and and I am going to have a very nice fleet for the faction! This is a decent start. I am going to use the classic AMT Vor'cha model to convert into either a Neg'varh, or a Bird of Death. The reason I have the different types of K'vort class BOP's is to use the Corgi model as a character's ship...just for fun. The rest of my K'vort BOP's will be Hot Wheels models.


Probably the most amusingly treacherous evil faction in all of STAR TREK in my view, and I am going to have a lot of fun with them. I am using the very cool and screen accurate Playmates version of the Warbird for the Faction's Flagship. I am going to convert the Hallmark ornaments into other smaller versions of Warbirds...because I can, and it IS cool.


Are they the best Bad Guys in all of STAR TREK? How evil can Lizard-men and Snake-men be, when they are led by Shape-shifting-gods? I am going to build a very nice fleet of Cardassians and Jem'hadar. I will definitely be having several Dominion War battles in my ATTACK WING Games.


This is the most challenging faction to realize in my collection! They will be represented by a few scratch built models and several converted models to make up some cool Assimilated ships. I am using parts from several kits for the faction. 

I focused on getting my BBAW Project started this month with a bang, however I still managed to even up my STAR BLAZERS Earth Defense Force Fleet, with another Main Battleship and Battle Carrier. I wanted two of these so I can have them cover Flagships, just as the little Destroyers and Escorts cover them.

Trekkie Boss out!