Friday, September 27, 2013


This month I went a little crazy...Ha,Ha!

In the first week, I received four Micro Machines Imperial Probe Droids, one Imperial Shuttle, and four AT-ATs. Four F-Toys AT-STs, and three FFG Tie Interceptors, for the glory of The Empire!
For the Rebels I received three A-Wings, two F-Toys Jedi fighters and one Speeder.

Finally, the first bulk order or Wiz Kidz Star Wars miniatures arrived, which I will be using to represent character pilots, just because I like the idea of seeing Han and Chewwie among the Falcon cards, and Luke with R2-D2 with that Red Five X-Wing and so forth...Ha,Ha!

In the second week I received the first of my larger ship models to use for Boss Builds of medium ships for the Rebels, Empire, and my Pirates.

In the last two weeks my final EBay wins came in including two more F-Toys AT-STs, and a beautiful Star Destroyer for my little collection of Backdrop ships. The last two ships are from the wacky Burger King collections, these rascals are going to be used as a base for two of my Pirate Freighters ship builds.

Next month WAVE THREE Ships will be in, and more!

Boss out.