Monday, February 3, 2014


I have had my eye on WizK!ds STAR TREK ATTACK WING for some time now.
I started collecting FFG's X-WING last Fall as most of you know. ATTACK WING did not go unnoticed then, but there was my first and newly rediscovered geek love to take care of FIRST...Ha, Ha!
I have shared with you friends of B6*R7, my love for STAR WARS and STAR BLAZERS... but there is one more biggie. There is STAR TREK. This was the third Sci-Fi Universe that really got my attention. Like many people, I discovered Trek-coolness in the reruns, as an adolescent. To this day I still love the Original Star Trek, and much of what has followed it on television, including the old and new films.

I have been happily collecting Star Wars and Star Blazers models to game, but with Star Trek I have remained hesitant. I love the models produced for my Sci-Fi Trinity, but I also am a gamer, I want to play with the cool toys. Ha! With Star Wars and Star Blazers that is kind of easy to do now, as I have indicated in previous articles, thanks to FFG and Bandai.

With Star Trek, well... there is some work to do! No single company makes a complete range of models in their correct relative you have to be creative. I am going to enjoy ST as much as SW and SB, so I have finally decided to get to work on this project!

I have been put off from buying into ATTACK WING due to how poorly Wiz Kids has handled the models! Then I discovered just last month that an English company know as Eaglemoss started a new series of Star Trek Models in 2013. They are not at all in relative scale, of course, and the painting and even the molding on several of their offerings is poor in my opinion, and the opinion of others as I have noticed after researching the product range. However there are some very nice models too, and these few good pieces also happen to be in the right size for my chosen scale.

Irish Trekkie has posted a general overview video of all of The Eaglemoss Ships released as of January 31, 2014. This video is worth a watch if you are like myself; just getting into collecting this series, and want to see a comparison of all of the available releases. At first glance these look nice, and some look very nice. I will pick up the few that fit my project.

Credit where it is due, seeing these new Eaglemoss models spurred me into action and now that I have done the research I know what I need to do to make my BIG Attack Wing Project a success.


Nothing is perfect... is it my friends? Hench: The Trouble With Trekking!

We will try to be close to perfect...and it will be fun I think.

Boss out.