Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I  have been watching Sci-Fi Model Action (SFMA) hangouts for a few weeks, and decided to participate last night. We are all gearing up for our SFMA Spring Build Members Contest. In this episode we talked about Star Wars, Star Trek, and generally cool science fiction and modeling topics.

I had a nice little moment in this hangout at time talking about some of my thoughts and goals for my Boss' BIG STAW Project. The guys at SFMA came to the rescue with some cool possibilities for how to perhaps light the smaller 1/2500 scale ships. I need to think about all of these options for a while yet, because I want everything to be consistent over the entire collection.
The SFMA members that I have interacted with are some of the most REAL and cool people that I have met on the internet. It was a hell of a lot of fun chatting with them.

I suppose being the new guy, you get your pretty face up on the video banner.
Brave men they are...yes.

Ha, Ha!!!

Boss out.