Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I have been haply buying some good Raw Terrain materials and badass Building Kits for my Eldritch Extreme Project to make the main locales in HPL's best stories. I am at the point now where I can get to building Complete Environments! Dunwich Village is going to be first and the rest afterwards!

The classic old Plasticville model kits are better than you think... if you are willing to work on them. I am...

The General Dry Goods
In the story the dry goods is run in the main hall of the ruined church. The villagers basically removed the pews and put up shelves and a counter in the old building to run a small general store. In my setting it will be in the center of the village square.

The Old Cathedral
The combination dead church-active general store deal is fine in the story, but for my gaming I want to have an actual functioning church in my setting because there are some good people in the village. These rustic heroes need to have a place of refuge to gather when they have to plan actions against the horrid things that come down from the hills; out of the dark woods, and from the cold river.

The Rickety Covered Bridge
The first thing you see after noting the hills rising in the distance from out of the forest is this creepy old bridge. Once you cross it you know you are in the heart of Dunwich... beware and be soon gone! This simple terrain feature is going to be a lot of fun in my games. What may be waiting for you there; on, in, or under this dubious structure... especially when you are in haste?

The Moldering Farms Of Dunwich
The countryside of Dunwich is dotted with several ancient farms. These structures are a key point of action and often serve as shelters for things to monstrous to think of...

The Ancient Village
The buildings throughout Dunwich are bordering on relics rather than houses. I have decided to use The GW Hobbit Laketown houses (with modifications of course) to represent The Village properly. This is going to be a lot of fun work. I have not purchased these sets yet, and I still need to get a nice Windmill model too. The white building pictured below is how most of my Dunwich Houses will look.

This unabridged version of The Dunwich Horror is beyond great, it is a masterpiece in fact and one of the best Lovecraft audio plays that I know of... period. Check it out My Lovely Creeps!

Much more to come...


Happy CREEP Boss out!