Friday, September 29, 2017


I have been replacing many of my old crap Mansions Of Madness Investigator models and this month I hit the peak of glory with The Godfather set and some more Zombicide coolness too! With these new goodies added to the many The Others Heroes and Reaper Miniatures Hero models I think I am just about done collecting The Good Guys for my ELDRITCH EXTREME Project. I also got a few cool NPC's that have been hard to find in stock for my Baddies Characters... SO Horrible!

I purchased a good number more excellent O (1:48th) Scale building kits for my wonderful Eldritch Environments Terrain; mostly to build Dunwich Village and to finish my huge old-crepstir Haunter Cathedral.

Then there is the evil that is the pricey and wonderfully new STAR WARS: LEGION Terrain Project... these 1:48th scale vehicles are going to cover much of what I want to build for the badass featured terrain pieces; $125 bucks well spent.

Happy It's AUTUMN AGAIN 🍁 Boss out!