Wednesday, March 18, 2015


In my initial article I shared my thoughts on what I think we can reasonably expect to see released for X-WING in the coming years. With new verified information coming out this week, it is time to have some more fun and do a little update, I think.

Now that Fantasy Flight Games have presented some of their forthcoming products at the Gama 2015 trade show, Veteran Wingers can probably agree with three of my predictions for The New X-Wing 2015 Ships.

Any Veteran X-Winger worth their salt knows that when FFG puts any art or ship design into an official product, it is a reasonable bet that the item will be in other product ranges. With the ARMADA Large Ships preview we can all see very clearly that we are going to get three new Large Ships in X-WING!

X-WING Designer Alex Davy just chatted about fixing Ordnance, and why not do that with an all new ship like the Scurrg- H-6 Bomber. It looks good, and it is a part of the Official Cannon.

FFG has made it crystal clear that we are getting all of the Bounty Hunters and Bossk with his Hound's Tooth should be next! This is one of the most popular choices among X-Wingers for a new Scum Large Ship!

After Bossk we can probably expect to see Dengar with his Punishing One.

The YV-666 Light Freighter and JumpMaster 5000 are both going to be awesome in these games!

It is going to be a lot of fun to see what else we get in the coming year... what is FFG going to do for STAR WARS EPISODE 7?


Boss out!