Sunday, March 1, 2015


Now that we are all up to date with the first six waves of STAR WARS X-WING I am in the mood to share my thoughts on some likely and possible forthcoming expansions... for the fun of pondering.

I have been following the serious minded speculation on the net for almost two years now, and listening to Fantasy Flight Games staff when ever they are asked to chat about what their plans are for X-WING and EPIC.
The collage of images I have compiled here are based on what I think we can reasonably expect to see in our future... and also just some of the coolness I would like to see. I did focus on what has been discussed the most, and I feel that my little predictions are pretty close to the mark.

Keep in mind that Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and all of the films including Episode 7 are considered STAR WARS Official Cannon, which is what fantasy Flight Games has been using thus far... with some Expanded Universe goodies that appeared in relevant media. Basically it has been made rather clear to me that if FFG wants to make something cool they probably will be allowed to... kinda.

 ALREADY IN THE GAME: We own them and we love them! These ships are presented here for the sake of reference and because they are all pure awesomeness!

 PROBABLY COMING: Based on what has been mentioned in several videos by FFG staff, particularly the X-Wing Developers, and the prevalence of these ships in relevant media I am almost certain that all of these wonderful designs will be in the game...

The Hounds Tooth is a fan made model... for now.
The remaining Bounty Hunters are virtually guaranteed in fact. Some Wingers are not on board but I have been following things closely like many other hardcore Star Brothers out there... When ships start showing up in official FFG art they tend to make it into the game! Go figure...

We have the first Hutt Fighter, and I am absolutely certain many of the others are on the way! All of these ships are very cool, and there is no reason for FFG to not include them with the Scyk!

Mandal Motors is going to see some more love from Fantasy Flight Games... Know this to be true my wonderful Star Brothers!

I am going on record here; for the sake of fun, and because I know that FFG are all about making an even better game.  All or most of the green ships are coming!

 MIGHT BE COMING: If FFG goes crazy with their EPIC range, these ships are popular enough to be included. The BFF-1 Bulk Freighter and Y-8 Mining Vessel can bring a more strategic approach to the game as grand objectives, without trying to include ground forces and other elements which the rules do not currently accommodate. The Crusader Corvette is a ship that could be used by Scum and Empire. The Slave II and larger version of the Hounds Tooth are kind of fun too.

 I HOPE THEY MAKE THEM: The cargo ships is just cool and what I said about the yellow designs fits, but I think this particular ship may be a bit of wishful thinking on my part. The other ships are all popular designs from KOTOR and are probably not going to be made, but I can hope!
FFG has mentioned that they are going to be expanding the game to include other eras, a few times now. I think we are going to see Clone War ships like, but I may be reaching a bit to want a few Old Republic designs. If Fantasy Fight does them it would almost have to be as a broader scope project where they offer full on collections for specific time lines. The Episode 7 Ships they are doing are still in the realm of the game as it stands, but going beyond thirty years is a bit of a stretch I think.

 I CAN DREAM: I do not think that any of these cool designs are in our official future, but I do love them and they are on my list of  special projects for my Rim Wraiths faction.

The most recent Alex Davy interview fills in some of the currant chat about what is to come. I have several cool and informative chat videos here on my little FFG Playlist.

Not much Imperial speculation in these fleet 7 to 9 images Big Joe... why?
Cause it is anybodies guess my Star Brothers... I mean wow! The big (oops pun) issue being that Imperials have huge ships. This has been talked about a good bit in many of the FFG interviews that I have seen or heard in Podcast.

FFG did make up the coolness that is the Raider, but even that was kind of from a game. Now I am not saying anything is foul here, and I understand that we all get inspiration from everywhere nowadays. FFG did great on the forthcoming Imp Biggie... it is all good!

The Gonzanti is a certainty at this point along with the Ghost. We are going to get some Rebels goodies gang. The show has been mentioned by the CEO of FFG more than once, it is on.The Gonzanti is used by Imperials and Scum, and there are actually two versions of the ship... so it could be a dual faction thing.
The world of TIE Fighters and other Large Ships... that is just craziness at this point, and I love it!

TIE Avengers, TIE Droids, and Skipray Blast Boats... oh my! I am content to wait and see what happens... it should be great!

That about does it for me gang... it is fun to think about it all and there are some fan favorites but I tried to limit this article to the ships that I know are very popular and that have been talked about a lot by FFG and the Veteran Wingers out there in the void. We know that Fantasy Flight Games are serious about the products and has shown us that they do listen to our chat on the official forums.
I am looking forward to the next few years. We are going to be seeing a lot of very interesting new things, I think!

Pondering Boss out!