Friday, March 13, 2015


Now that the glory that is X-WING WAVE SIX: SCUM & VILLAINY Wave One has made it to good shops everywhere, we can celebrate the return of our favorite bounty hunter... BOBA FETT Is Back & Badass!!! 

The new colored bases from STAW AD&D are perfect for keeping track of the dozens of ships needed in X-WING EPIC. It just looks super cool too.

I am so happy that The Real Boba finally made it back into our sector way out here in The Outer Rim.

For a long time the best bounty hunter in the STAR WARS Universe was lacking a lot of that cool-badness we knew him for in the stories we grew up with... that has been fixed now.

Believe it or not my wonderful Star Brothers, there are some crazy people who like to think they know more than us because they bumble around at tournaments. I have read and listened to podcast where they have have said that the new Boba is weak, and that he is not all that great in fact.

These people are not to be taken seriously... ever.

Boba what do you have to say to these ridiculous meta-yapping know-it-all elitist asses?
"Come On In..."


Mando-Boss out!