Friday, February 14, 2014


In part two of this series we took a good long look at readily available and very affordable 1/2500 and 1/50 scale plastic and die cast models we can use to upgrade our STAR TREK  models to Boss' BIG Approved status.

Now we are going into the crazy Risen Nebula my friends...which is a whole new world of adventure! These models fit into our BBA Collections, but they are not so easy to find and some of them are damn expensive (Ha, Ha!) but they are all very cool and out there... for people like us that are willing to pay a reasonable collectors price for them.

I appreciate the positive responses this series has received at the various forums where I have shared my efforts I would also like to make it clear that I am in no way making fun of people who love STAW as it is produced by Wizkids. As I have confirmed, we can use many of these models to nicely represent the small scale Star Trek ships.

Resin is not some creepy secrete cult or even a shadowy aspect of the model hobby.

Resin is just another form of plastic with different properties than ABS Styrene model kits. In other words these models are still just plastic models. But because of how they are molded they require a different approach to assembly. I am not going to go into all of that now. I will detail the resin preparation methods I use when I post an appropriate modeling article.

We are talking about what is available to make the standing, and soon to be released, STAW game models a reality in our Boss' BIG Approved Collection.

In my travels online during my research, I found this very appropriate image of a fellow Trekker's collection. It contains many of the AMT plastic kits covered in episode two, and some of the resin models that I mentioned, such as the perfectly scaled seven inch Klingon Vor'Cha model (pictured top right). As I stated all of these models scale very well, regardless of what they are made of.

I talked about the Romulan War Bird by Playmates already, but this company also makes a very nice Borg Cube and Sphere model. Both of these are OOP but you can find them here and there online. The price for these collectors models are widely varied, typically ranging from $50 to $150 MIB.

Eaglemoss comes back into this series, with their special collectors reward model of the First Contact Cube. I am not sure how much they are charging for it, or if you can even buy it directly from them. I suggest that you simply contact Eaglemoss and see what they will do for you.
There is a huge resin model made somewhere in the UK. All I know about it is that it is in scale for our purposes, to represent a Scout Cube. I think it cost $200. I am certain that it would be a monster to build.

I have decided to use the Eaglemoss sphere as a smaller version of the scout, and I am probably going to scratch build a variant Tactical cube from a plastic storage crate The Borg are the hard faction to upgrade to BBA  status. I am going to play the faction however because I have other plans for my Borg, that do not require using the typically seen boxes and balls. More on this later...

The models pictured below are pretty straight forward quality resin kits. They are priced from $40 to $120. All of them are of course1/2500 scale, Boss' BIG Approved, and need little more explanation from me. What you see is what you get, and what you get is serious TREK-Awesome!

I am eventually going to purchase all of these beautiful ships!

This is a lovely model IMO. It is $40 worth of awesome. The Eaglemoss version is $20 and looks very good too.

The size options we have for this ship are kind of cool. I may get both versions to have some variety on the table.

I started my STAW Collection just two weeks ago, and I have not yet purchased any of these resin kits. I have read a lot of good reviews and positive comments about Federation Models and Starship Modeler, who sell these kits, and I am going to purchase from both companies.

To sum up what we have covered as we did at the end of part two of the series, here is the updated STAW Model Chart which now includes the resin models presented in this episode. I also included other ships that I have researched fully now, that I was not certain about when I wrote the previous episode. The only ships that are still giving us problems are framed in  yellow . There are of course the problem children, the Borg, and the rest of the ships are in question also.I have to investigate further before I present them as available. The Bren ship may very well be released by Eaglemoss at some point. Their ships are about five inches long thus I am pretty sure that their version of the Gor Portas and generic ships of it's class will fit into our BBA Collection. Monogram made a Kazon model kit years ago, and you can still find it on EBay. I think this ship is about half the size it should be, but it is still a large kit, and like the Borg alternate models I have talked about, this Kazon model should still look good on the table.
I will update the status of  the remaining yellow models if and when I have more definite information for you friends.

Well gang that just about completes our Boss' BIG Approved STAR TREK ATTACK WING Models Collection...for now.



Boss out.