Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I have reevaluated my approach to building this Epic Huge Ship. I feel that all of the components will be better with the addition of some new materials and parts. My plan is not much different from what I had in mind last year, but now with the addition of new materials and a updated construction plan this model will look even better and last indefinitely.

I recently purchased some cutting board sheets. After thinking about it I decided that this sturdy material (which is designed to flex), is a better way to make the rounded front hull. I have to thank Bulldog UK for this little revelation, after seeing how he made his awesome MARK II.

If I had continued with my original plan to use vinyl to make one large covering for the front hull, sort of like a canoe skin, there may of been some boiling over time. Humidity can take it's toll from porous materials. I was being a bit to clever with this particular design.
It will be much better for this model to do the round hull in sections with the flexible cutting mat material.
I have further updated the building materials with some nice parts from the large version of the Republic Attack Shuttle kit which will serve for the main rear section of the fuselage and the secondary wings.

I am currently sorting and cleaning the main component parts,there are about a hundred say. I will go into great detail about these wonderful little goodies once I start the actual build in Part 3 of this series.

More to come...


Rebel Boss out!