Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I am adding the Rampage and Shadow classes to my work table this week, along with my MARK III build. I am very pleased with these models. It is going to be a lot of work to make them look as cool as I want them to, but certainly not as much effort as building some of my other projects.

Being able to make both of these babies without starting completely from scratch is very appealing to me because I want to have them done and ready to rock when Wave Six becomes available to us in about three or four months.

I will be making a Crusader too, in early 2015 probably. I think one Crusader with a pair of Assault Carriers should be enough Rock & Roll for Mandalorian Huge Ship Epic goodies.

I have always loved Cobra HISS Tanks and even had a full army of Cobra toys as late as my early thirties... Ha, Ha! I purchased a new HISS toy about a year before I got into Fantasy Flights X-WING products, because I suppose the old itch to collect cool toys was coming back after a decade long break.

Now a year later with X-Wing EPIC and SCUM I kind of just looked at the one HISS I had and saw how it could work as a Huge ship. It just came to me...

In this image you can see the profile which IMO looks just like a cool Mandalorian design, and even with now modeling work done the HISS body and drive chassis looks like a badass ship to me. The Assault Carriers load fighters to the underside of their body. The chassis (pictured behind the tank body) are going to be used as the fighter carriage. The tank tread wheels are also perfect as the large main engine as seen in my first mockup image at the start of this article. Basically everything I need to build my special Scum Epic Models comes with the HISS Tank set.



SCUM Boss out!