Sunday, March 29, 2015


After months of waiting I am very happy to finally have a nice order of Scum & Villainy Expansions in My Parlor!

I am going to have a very large Scum-fleet, because The Outer Rim is such a cool part of The Star Wars Universe, and I love everything about it. I am going to build a nice general S&V force, and for some extra fun I will strongly represent: The Black Sun, Mandalorian, and my own Rim Wraith sub-factions.

Beware the treacherous Prince Xizor!

I had to smile when I saw that six of my eight Scyks came in a FFG six-pack. That was the first time I have received an FFG case of figures in my collection history.

I think I am pretty good with my Scum & Villainy Fleet now, but I am going to get some more Firesprays and at least three more Star Vipers and Most Wanted sets... cause!

SCUM Boss out!