Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Gen Con 2014 is starting tomorrow! As we Veteran X-Wingers know this weekend is going to answer many questions we have asked and debated over at the FFG Forums and other communities.

It really is almost like being a child before the holiday season for most of us I think.

"What is FFG going to reveal this year for STAR WARS X-WING, EPIC, and ARMADA?!"

I will be posting this years revelations nightly as they become available over the next four days.

To get this years event rolling Fantasy Flight Games posted their pre-con article The Best Four Days In Gaming today. This is a general introduction of course. They include a retrospective video of Gen Con 2013, on the eve of Gen Con 2014, which was nice to see.

The Dice Tower was the first to post any sort of pre-con preview, thanks to Tom Vasel for this image!
I have edited Tom's picture for the purpose of making an observation we may all enjoy considering...

... what is going into that huge and oh so very conspicuously empty and purposely left wide open green space?!

In 2013 that evil empty space was filled rather nicely IMO!

The little placeholder card at the front of this vastly empty space states that an announcement regarding a capitol (ship) will be made on Friday!

A nice picture of the Wave Five ships, with Rebel Aces, has found it's way to the Internet too. I love how large the Decimator is. This will be a great looking Imperial ship in X-Wing and Epic battles.


Boss out!