Thursday, August 14, 2014


STAR WARS X-WING and STAR WARS ARMADA all got their turns in the spotlight during the first day of GEN CON! Fantasy Flight Games is doing the best work possible. All of their Star Wars Miniatures Games represent the highest achievements of quality standards in the tabletop industry.


Fantasy Flight Games introduces STAR WARS ARMADA! Our Winger Brothers Zack & Steven of Team Covenant are right there of course, to take us thru the first Armada Demo Game! This was a great pleasure to see, keep up the awesome work guys!

STAR WARS ARMADA is a very cool game! Now that I have seen the demo, I am just as enthusiastic about it as I have been for X-WING and X-WING EPIC! The people at FFG are absolutely ridiculous, and I absolutely love them for that!

The models for ARMADA are excellent, like all of Fantasy Flight Games per-painted miniatures! They are using a sliding scale, and it appears they will stay close to the ships correct sizes. The little fighter stands are adorable. They are not painted, but it will be extremely easy to give them a wash and a seal coat, and they will be just fine.

I mentioned the huge empty space, which you can see more clearly above, in my previous Gen Con Article. That is a whole lot of room for something(s) that I expect will be very nice indeed! Come on Vigil... come on Gonzanti... come on Black Sun!

The Imperial Huge ship(s) will be previewed on Friday, but until then the Imperial Large ship Decimator has been getting a lot of love, perhaps more so than the rest of the brand new ships we have seen at Gen Con this year.

Many of my fellows at the FFG X-Wing Forum have been very keen to know how the new Debris Cloud tokens are going to affect the game... and now we do! I like it a lot. I am going to have to build some 3D versions of these, I think.

Fill them four empty shelves up Anton... fill 'em up!


FFG goes into warp drive with their twelve o'clock high noon In-Flight Report!


Boss out!