Friday, August 15, 2014


Fantasy Flight Games goes into warp drive right after they dropped bomb after bomb on us during their twelve o'clock high noon In-Flight Report! The full video for this event has yet to be uploaded so I will post it in another report.


FFG has released so much cool new product that the Gen Con Governors had to call out their Stormtroopers Transports to accommodate the teaming masses in their most desperate hour of trying to get to the FFG Retail Area!

Fantasy Flight Games launches their all new miniatures adventure board game STAR WARS IMPERIAL ASSAULT.

I have been quietly expecting some kind of ground based Star Wars game from FFG, and here it is! While I am delighted by what they have done, I have to admit that I am also very relieved that they did a neat D&D Adventure Game rather than trying to incorporate ground troops into the X-WING Game.

I have been slowly building everything that I need to make my own Star Wars Ground Based Game, so it was a great relief to know that our FFG friends have been sensible with their fine board game. That leaves it open for me to continue being completely unsensible with my own little Star Wars Ground War project.

A third faction coming to X-Wing has been a red hot topic at the FFG Forums for a while now. I happily took part in much of this speculation.  Now that this wonderful new faction is here screaming into the game at full force... my Winger Brothers... I can not tell you in words just how very pleased I am about it!!!
Pictured above we see Wave Six of STAR WARS X-WING, this is however not the whole of the Scum & Villainy Faction. There will be new rules included in these ships to convert previous ships into Black Sun ships. Chief among these are the Firespray-31 and HWK-290.

FFG continues their STAR WARS ARMADA previews with one of my favorite Alliance Capitol Ships; The MARK II Assault Frigate, and the full range of wonderful little Rebel and Imperial Fighters and Bombers. This is all beyond cool! This is also our answer to the reason why we did not get any Imperial Epic Huge Ships. Armada is what X-WING EPIC cannot be. I am a little disappointed, but the grandeur of Armada, and the fact that I can make my own Vigil and other Imperial Capitol Ships will suffice. FFG may still do some more Huges but who knows what they will be or when they will be produced.

X-WING COMMAND was announced today too. This is Fantasy Flight Games Official Squadron Builder with additional nice functionality. Great guys, now make all of the Official X-Wing Acrylic Tokens available to us too...

Team Covenant takes us back to the magic cabinets shortly after the FFG In-Flight Report.

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A Very Happy Boss out!