Tuesday, July 29, 2014


STAR WARS X-Wing Wave Four and X-Wing EPIC are looking good this month! I now have three of every new Wave Four ship, including a six-pack of Z-95 Headhunters. The Z-95's are going to be a main force ship in my Epic games so I got twice as many right from the word go!

In Epic all of my small ships will be deployed in units of three to six. I think I may get three more TIE Defenders later, because like TIE Bombers, these babies are just awesome in stronger units.
I have been needing to get a second X-Wing Core set for a while, and now that Epic is real, I finally got another one. I will have use for plenty of Swag particularly the dice and two damage decks for my large battles. I like that!

I have also gotten some nice storage cases for my small ships this month. Until now I had kept them all in my cabinets. I play at home so there has been no need for carrying cases.
The collection is going full on Epic thus it is time to consolidate my small ship storage. My cabinets will now become the hanger bays for Epic ships.
I am going to have all of my wonderful little X-Wing swag; character miniatures, cards, templates and so forth displayed on the nice card mats. I figure red is good for the Rebels and Black is perfect for the Empire. Right? Right!
The bundle of plastic amidst the card sleeves is a set of cool little business card holders, which I will use to hold damage decks and the like. I think this is a very good way to use sleeved cards. I can just pick one from the stand, rather than having to fumble threw them as they are sliding all over the mats during games.

I added several character pilots this month including Kyle, Jan, Coran, and another cool version of Luke. Crew Characters include Dodonna, and Mara, more Mercenaries, and "Don't forget the Droids!"
The D&D Monsters are part of my crazy Void Horrors Project.

Fun stuff...

Boss out!