Friday, June 6, 2014


I love STAR WARS and Star Wars Miniatures. X-WING has both, and we love it don't we. Sure we do.

For me, it is an easy choice to buy everything that works for the X-Wing game within the rules. With that stated, I am certainly going to expand these guidelines to include my own ship, character, and monster designs.

I want to tip my hat to the child I was, who owned so many of the Star Wars Toys. I am not going to even try to collect action figures again, but what I can do, with a reasonable game budget, being a somewhat mature adult, is buy the Star Wars Miniatures and fix them up.

There are three good reasons in my view to add these 30MM miniatures of beloved characters and droids to the X-Wing Game, with some additional persona of my own design.

One: It will look awesome on my table.

Two: I want to have a more intense and interesting presentation of the mandatory rules data.

Three: The X-Wing game already has esthetically pleasing cards and tokens. Upgrading these rules components with cool miniatures provides me with even more enjoyment.
I will be able to see character driven ships amidst the myriad cards and tokens, at a glance. This approach will be particularly useful during large EPIC (300 points +) games.

I have been slowly collecting Star Wars Miniatures since I began my X-WING Adventures back in October 2013.

X-WING Miniatures Collection: Oct 2013 - May 2014.

This month I added a great many new figures to my previously meager set. It was a cool idea; having models for the Character Pilots with their Crew, Mercs, and all of the important Droids, but I sort of just dabbled with it as I collected the X-Wing ships.

Now that X-WING has entered the EPIC stage, which is exactly what I wanted the game to be from the start, I am getting setup to do this project right, and for real.

I think I need to make a set of Joe Boss Black Six (Night Beast ?) and Joe Boss Red Seven (Jek Porkins ?) figures, among many others.


Boss out.