Sunday, June 29, 2014


This month X-WING has gone up a few notches on the cool-scale for me!

I always wanted this wonderful game to become what EPIC is. Fantasy Flight Games is certainly the right company to make STAR WARS the way it should be made.

Now we have not only the fast and fun Dogfights of X-WING but the longer running and even more dramatic clashes of glorious EPIC battles! I love EPIC! This game allows us to play out a campaign series for hours if we so choose.

I have been waiting for FFG to get EPIC going and now that they have, I need to get caught up on my squads.
I will have from three to six of each small ship, and a few will go up to twelve so to conduct large battles with good fleet diversity. To this end I got a a trio of beloved Y-Wings and I started my FFG HUGE ships with a pair of the beautiful new GR-75 Transports. The Empire got it's first set of fancy Imperial Aces this month too. I will end up getting two more of this expansion later.

I nearly doubled my 30MM miniatures collection this month. As I stated in my STAR WARS X-WING Miniatures Articles, I am getting a serious collection of Character & Droid Miniatures to use for EPIC games.
I want to add more eye-candy to the look of my game layouts... because!

Now that Glorious STAR WARS EPIC is here for real I need to up my gaming supplies! This month I got some things to start making appropriate terrain such as a reflective star field and some planets for my Backdrop. I am also getting ready to start some other special new terrain projects that I will cover in a later posting.

Now we can make a day of STAR WARS: EPIC Style... Oh Joy My Babies!

Epic Boss out!