Monday, June 30, 2014


I have added a few more figures to the first set of my special characters. I started to do some sculpting this week, and decided that the cool little X-Wing Pilot I was going to use to make my Joe Boss figure was to lanky to work as well as I wanted it too.
I am a large man, and this miniatures is just to small, I would have to cover the thing up for the most part and that is just wasteful. I thought about it and decided to add a third character that the X-Wing figure would work very well for, thus I started on little Miss Ibtisam.
There is not much to say about her, because we all know her story. I always intended to use her in my games, so she is going to get a the full treatment and become a nice figure in my collection.
Now on to the characters that are unique to my X-Wing Universe.

I am going to make six Sith Character Pilots, and the first one, perhaps in her own way the baddest one, is Sithra Wroth.

This is a work in progress preview of Miss Wroth...

Sithra Wroth 

The granddaughter of Darth Maul's favored concubine. Sithra followed her own path as an adolescent and traced the history of her deceased grandfather, who never knew her. She met Jango Fett in his youth and they became friendly competitors and eventual partners for a few years. When Sithra choose to focus on her Force Abilities she went into seclusion and was not seen for many years by any of her scant relatives or former Pirate and Mercenary associates.
Not much is know of Wroth's time in seclusion, but eventually she aligned herself with The Empire and had a small part to play in hunting for Skywalker when he was lost to his own secluded Jedi training. After the Imperial defeat at Endor Sithra took up her holdings at remote haunts in the Outer Rim.

Today Grand Mistress Wroth operates a small but powerful organization from the shadows. Occasionally She or one of her Ranking Darkside Apprentices will assist The Imperial Remnant.

"Stealth is the greatest tool of the Sith."
Darth Sidious

Sithra's Intimidator One

This is a ship I have had in mind for about six months now. I figure since I am working on my cute little Character Pilot Miniatures I may as well work on their special ships too. I intend to have both done at the same time, with their cards and other goodies, such as special Droids and Tokens.

The Intimidator is a highly modified Infiltrator class medium insurgency attack vessel. In X-Wing both of these ships will count as being Large.
I am still working on the rules for Infiltrators and The Intimidator. I am going to use the Interceptor Movement Dial for both.

The ship ID icon was fun to make as well as that crazy eye icon which is my Force Power, I.E. Force Focus icon for Force Sensitive Pilots, Jedi, and Sith Characters. Force Focus works just like a standard Focus and allows these special pilots access to additional Force Powers.
I am probably going to just have this icon in the appropriate ships action bar rather than both types of Focus. The card is a WIP and I can change things as I go. I just decided to do this, looking at the images I have uploaded as I prepare to publish this article. It is neat how things get made and you see details that could be better as you go along towards your goals.

I am working on a set of Force Powers and Talents, which benefit my own unique characters as well as the FFG releases, particularly the original Jedi Pilots, who are in need of some more oomph now IMO as the game has evolved.

Joe Boss & Ibtisam

I had a handful of the old GW plastics in my closet from my RPG days and decided to use some of them for bulkier characters. I have Ibtisam going along more than my own Joe Boss Character because, well...ladies first. I am going to repaint an X-Wing and a Droid to go with Boss' gear. As far as I know Ibtisam's B-Wing was painted just like the rest of her squadron.

This project is proving to be a lot of fun!


Boss out.