Thursday, June 19, 2014


As many of you know the glory that is Wave Four comes to us next week.

To get over this eternity...Ha, Ha!, I share what our boys at TC have offered we Star Brothers.

Take it away Zack & Steven!

Our TC Brothers talked about everything the new ships have to offer, of course, and most of it is cool. I want to highlight a few of the new pilots and cards that improve the game in ways many of us will appreciate, I think.

Corran Horn:
The double-tap attack this excellent pilot can preform every other turn is exactly how I feel Jedi (and Sith) Pilot Abilities should be represented. I am going to expand upon these FFG ground rules to make a new Force Abilities Deck.

Airen Cracken:
Free actions to friendly pilots at range one...yeah for 19 points that is nice.

Munitions Failsafe:
You know how we have wanted our Y-Wings and Tie Bombers to do more for us in battle, well now we can have them fire off ordnance until it actually hits something. For 1 point this is just a great modification which helps all ships with an ordnance upgrade. Dare I mention a missile-packing Vadar with this little extra!

It is always nice to be able to mitigate stress and the more options I have to do that the happier I am. This is a good little 2 pointer IMO.

Cloaking & Decloacking:
Interceptors are not as good as they should be?
How about that new Phantom leading a squad of them... huh?!

Some of you may not like this little ship. I for one am not about to underestimate the usefulness of an Alliance Swarm... and neither should you my friends.

With Waves Four and Five, X-Wing has stepped it up a solid notch or three IMO. The fact that FFG made these non-filmic ships, along with the new Large and Huge ships and X-Wing Epic Play tells me that our wonderful game is going to be around for years to come.


Boss out!