Monday, September 30, 2013


I have been wanting to make several large models for X-WING. I have spent the last two months thinking about it and I have chosen my first trio of large scale projects. One Capitol Ship for The Alliance, and The Empire and the first of many Space Stations and Satellites, an Alliance Space Station.

I wanted to build a Nebulon B Frigate, of course, for my first Alliance ship, but I do not trust our friends at Fantasy Flight Games. They are in love with X-WING, just like we are. Due to FFG's enthusiasm and their recent Fleet Preview, I am about 90% positive that an official Neb B model will be previewed or released at some point in 2014. They made the Blockade Runner after all and a NebBie is not that much larger, so they are very likely going to make it too. With that stated, I feel equally certain that FFG will NOT make an Alliance Assault Frigate, which is a huge Capital Ship.

I am allowing myself almost complete freedom with these special large projects. I have a good storage system set up now and I mean to make the most of it, this is all in fun after all. Right? RIGHT!

I love the look of The Mark II. My build of this excellent design will not be exact, but rather an inspired design that I am calling a MARK III Assault Frigate. I will not be making this model to scale for obvious reasons, but I can make it large enough to look awesome on my 4x6' table.

Cheers to BullDogUK who posted his work at the FFG X-WING Forum, and in part has inspired me to get my modeling tools and plasticard hot again.


In my next related article, I will layout the major components, and general plans for this project. I have some cool model parts and specific modeling materials on order now from several online merchants, all of which should be delivered to me in the next two weeks...


Boss out!

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Some form of an Imperial Customs Frigate is in all probability coming from our friends at FFG in 2014,  to counter and compliment their Blockade Runner. It is awesome that this excellent company has committed to producing these large ships to expand our already cool game!
With that stated, no matter what FFG makes, it will not cover everything that I want to see on the table, so I am going to make an Imperial Customs Frigate hybrid so to speak.

The three images above are of my favorite variations on the Classic Star Destroyer.  I am going to incorporate the cool detail elements from each of these designs into my own large frigate, that I am calling an Imperial Striker Assault Frigate. I have already planned a medium freighter (Falcon) sized small frigate too, but I want to make the large model first to battle with my Mark III Assault Frigate...Ha, Ha!

CUSTOMS FRIGATES images via Google.

IMPERIAL NAVY overview at Wookieepedia.

In my next related article, I will layout the major components, and general plans for this project. I have some cool model parts and specific modeling materials on order now from several online merchants, all of which should be delivered to me in the next two weeks...

Imperial Boss out.

Friday, September 27, 2013


This month I went a little crazy...Ha,Ha!

In the first week, I received four Micro Machines Imperial Probe Droids, one Imperial Shuttle, and four AT-ATs. Four F-Toys AT-STs, and three FFG Tie Interceptors, for the glory of The Empire!
For the Rebels I received three A-Wings, two F-Toys Jedi fighters and one Speeder.

Finally, the first bulk order or Wiz Kidz Star Wars miniatures arrived, which I will be using to represent character pilots, just because I like the idea of seeing Han and Chewwie among the Falcon cards, and Luke with R2-D2 with that Red Five X-Wing and so forth...Ha,Ha!

In the second week I received the first of my larger ship models to use for Boss Builds of medium ships for the Rebels, Empire, and my Pirates.

In the last two weeks my final EBay wins came in including two more F-Toys AT-STs, and a beautiful Star Destroyer for my little collection of Backdrop ships. The last two ships are from the wacky Burger King collections, these rascals are going to be used as a base for two of my Pirate Freighters ship builds.

Next month WAVE THREE Ships will be in, and more!

Boss out.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I stated in my first Collection Diary article that I had made my initial FFG purchases with no intention of playing X-WING, but after FFG released The Falcon, that was the tipping point for me. I am very happy that I choose to start playing this game. I have a lot of plans for my collection, it is all very fun really.

I purchased the Kenner Blockade Runner from Ebay, in fact I opened a new account last month, after being away from Ebay for 15 years, just to start buying rare and large Star Wars collectibles.
Of course a week after I received my wonderful Tantive, FFG posted images of their Official Model, along with the Transport, which I had in my Ebay watch list too...Ha,Ha!
I am going to do a serious Boss Build with the Tantive in 2014, once I have The Official  X-WING Version...

The tiny bagged ships pictured above are of course from the Star Wars Monopoly Game. I am going to use some of these tokens as tiny Backdrop ships, while the bulk will facilitate one of my house rules for thematic gaming. When a pilot kills an enemy fighter or assist in taking down a larger ship I will place an appropriate ship token with their pilot information. These will count towards skill advancement. The adorable Rebel Transport is another of my Backdrop ship, one of the few good castings from the Wiz Kidz range.

Boss out.

Monday, September 23, 2013


Matt of Miniwargaming recently posted some new Unboxing Videos and an interesting "Save The Rebels" battle report featuring the new Lambda Class Shuttle.

Team Covenant recently posted a very informative battle report from The X-WING NATIONALS.

I feel that the battle report videos are useful and entertaining. Be sure to review the comments, because several observations have been posted by advanced players which correct some of the rules and strategy mistakes made in these games.

Boss out.


The X-WING ESCALATION TOURNAMENT information has been released by FFG this weekend.

One day I might go to one of these events.

Boss out.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Attention, all veteran pilots, The IMPERIAL ACES EXPANSION is now available for preorder from Miniatures Market.

I am very much looking forward to this expansion, and the Alliance counter to it!

Boss out!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


STAR WARS X-WING launched September 14 2012, one year ago this week! When you review the excellent products that FFG has produced for this incredibly fun game in so little time , it is "impressive...most impressive."
As I stated in my first Collection Diary article, I made my first purchases of some of the wave one ships in November last year. I kept an eye on the game from a distance. As more news, and the wave two ships came out, I began to realize that I was going to commit to this game after thirteen years away from miniatures games.

The fact that Fantasy Flight Games has produced this much content for X-WING in just one year is phenomenal. Is there any wonder that many game suppliers are scarcely able to maintain stock?

X-Wing, Y-Wing, TIE Advanced, TIE Fighter.
YT-1300, Firespray-31, A-Wing, TIE Interceptor.
Lambda-class Shuttle, WHK-290, B-Wing, TIE Bomber.
Tantive IV (Blockade Runner), GR-75 Medium Transport, Alternative Paint Scheme X-Wing.

I am very pleased to see this extreme level of support for a product which has just completed it's first year!

The Force Is Strong With FFG.

Boss out!

Monday, September 16, 2013


Fantasy Flight Games announced their new IMPERIAL ACES EXPANSION today. In fine form as usual, they have provided a very enticing preview with several quality images and an overview of the expansions contents.

I will be getting at least two of this set...of course.

These ships are absolutely beautiful!

Boss out!

Friday, September 13, 2013


I am going to keep a Collection Diary of my purchases, which I will update monthly. I intend to make a lot of special models for use in The X-WING Game. I have been very interested in seeing what other players are doing, and even inspired while reviewing the encouragable X-WING players forces and noting what they have added to their games.
I hope to likewise inspire readers of my gaming and modeling articles.

The first X-WING purchase I made was way back in November 2012 when Amazon had all of the wave one ships on sale for $7. I bought one each of the X-Wing, Tie Advanced, and Tie Fighter. My intention at that time was to hang the ships like a mobile as a tip of my hat to the classic scene in A New Hope where Luke is being chased by Vader and Mauler, as he races ahead of death and on to victory.
A year later I decided to buy the starter set when FFG released The Millennium Falcon...I could not resist that wonderful model.

Until my next transmission, when I start posting some images of my collection, take care...and stay on target.

Boss out.

Friday, September 6, 2013


I just started collecting STAR WARS X-WING. To get ready for my initial games I have been looking at Rules & Battles videos on YouTube, and I have found several that are well presented and IMO fun to watch.

The official FFG video is the best that I have seen, and I highly recommend that new players watch this introduction to the game.

Miniwargaming has produced some informative X-WING unboxing videos that are particularly entertaining.

Their new TIE BOMBER vs B-WING  video was just posted this week, and is very much worth a watch.

You may enjoy these too: Topic X-WING.

Boss out!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I became a STAR WARS fan as a child after seeing the first film. Like many children of that era, I grew up collecting all things STAR WARS. In time my toys got left behind with my childhood, but I always cared about the higher ideals woven deeply into the fabric of the original trilogy.

Years later now, with the advent of FFG's X-WING game and the new STAR WARS Trilogy coming, I am of the mind to re-acquaint myself with this old friend. The BLACK SIX RED SEVEN Blog will focus on my adventures with the STAR WARS X-WING hobby and my related modeling projects.

Joe Boss