Friday, September 13, 2013


I am going to keep a Collection Diary of my purchases, which I will update monthly. I intend to make a lot of special models for use in The X-WING Game. I have been very interested in seeing what other players are doing, and even inspired while reviewing the encouragable X-WING players forces and noting what they have added to their games.
I hope to likewise inspire readers of my gaming and modeling articles.

The first X-WING purchase I made was way back in November 2012 when Amazon had all of the wave one ships on sale for $7. I bought one each of the X-Wing, Tie Advanced, and Tie Fighter. My intention at that time was to hang the ships like a mobile as a tip of my hat to the classic scene in A New Hope where Luke is being chased by Vader and Mauler, as he races ahead of death and on to victory.
A year later I decided to buy the starter set when FFG released The Millennium Falcon...I could not resist that wonderful model.

Until my next transmission, when I start posting some images of my collection, take care...and stay on target.

Boss out.