Monday, April 20, 2015


STAR WARS CELEBRATIONS finished this weekend with some fun presentations like the Han Solo Radio Play; more previews of cool toys, the Luke and Lando panels, and a neat little surprise.


The big news for me was on Thursday and Friday. I was very surprised (along with many others I think) to see that we actually got a nice little preview of STAR WARS ROGUE ONE... and on the last day no less! This is the first STAR WARS spin off Anthology film. You can hunt for the few scraps about it at several sites. I found the better info (for now) is being nicely presented by IGN. They have a few videos about it, so have some fun ponder-time and check it out Star Brothers!

If you want to get a some fun additional content check out these live streams. You can find the links to all three videos just by starting here with day one.

This was a fun weekend with all of this STAR WARS glory... the next era is looking awesome!

Very Happy Boss out!