Friday, April 17, 2015


The STAR WARS CELEBRATION Event Page at The Official STAR WARS Site is full of awesome stuff. I recommend checking it out and I hope you enjoy your own journey as much as I have enjoyed mine. This article covers some of the highlights of the first day that made me smile and cry... It IS All Good!


Most of us loved that first tiny teaser trailer. Looking back at it now, it was cool at the time because we knew that the new trilogy was actually happening old school style!.
After years of mixed feelings, this little video got me back on board for what the future of STAR WARS could be again! I am one of the Star Brothers who liked the new STAR TREK. Knowing that JJ loves STAR WARS even more was entirely encouraging and fun to ponder over!

The new Teaser Trailer for THE FORCE AWAKENS is absolutely perfect. There is nothing but awesomeness here for me and almost everyone else. The true heart and the sense of real adventure is all up in there! Great job Mr. Abrams!

Fantasy Flight Games recently announced that they are indeed making new STAR WARS products based on the forthcoming films! It will be glorious to have new advanced ships for STAR WARS X-WING, and other related products. I am very happy about that! We all know what Fantasy Flight can do with these badass designs... It will be great!

Late in the day a new member of The FFG X-WING Forum posted their cool repaint of the classic TIE, based on the new trailer images. It is good to know that we are going to be getting all new ships for the best STAR WARS Miniatures Game!  X-WING is going to remain strong for years to come!

The first day of Celebration was all you could hope for. I am so happy with what I have experienced thus far! For me out of all the new coolness, the Han and Chewie scene was THE BEST MOMENT FROM DAY ONE!

Friday should be a lot of fun, as Fantasy Flight Games is presenting their new wears... bring on them previews boys!!!

Very Happy Boss out!