Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year to my B6*R7 Flyers and all Star Brothers & Sisters out there in the void!


Gaming is one of the best hobbies for people like us, I think. I happen to also enjoy videos about gaming. I have decided that I am going to start making my own videos all about our hobby starting this spring.

There are a lot of cool things we like coming this year...


What do we love most? For me The SCUM AND VILLAINY faction introduced as WAVE SIX and the first Imperial Huge Ship for X-WING EPIC are pure awesomeness! FFG is also releasing STAR WARS ARMADA! I must have all of this coolness.

BANDAI are producing a Comet Empire Fleet for YAMATO 2199... how cool is that?  As for STAW... I am not sure what Wizzies is planning. Honestly I am pretty satisfied as things stand now, in terms of the ships available, but I will still keep an eye out for new ATTACK WING products.

The New STAR WARS and STAR TREK films are also due this year and I think they will be awesome!

There is a lot of fun in store.

Boss out!