Thursday, January 29, 2015


I decided to start the year off with some good ole Imperial ships, and some pretty colored bases for all of my models.

I went crazy after I picked up my second Decimator. Of course I decided that I also needed a few more Interceptors to keep the flanks covered, particularly when I am running both of these wonderful large ships. I am getting a TIE or more a month now until I have at least two dozen for Epic.

The STAW D&D bases are awesomeness... these will be pure glory in my future huge battles for all of my collections. I love that these bases all match the faction I game. Kinda neat!

I grabbed some more bits. the first 40K model stuff I have purchased in fifteen years, to make some STAR WARS ships this year. I will be posting all new videos soon...

STAW goodies are always fun. I am set up to run another Klingon and Romulan Attack Wing with these new additions.

I just ordered all of my toys for February's Collection. I am getting setup to roll out the Boss' Battle Parlor and Boss' Video Shop content for 2015. Videos, and more videos are coming, and better pictures too!

Boss out!