Friday, January 16, 2015


FFG previews the Imperial Star Destroyer Expansions today in their Star Destroyers article. The whole of Wave One is supposed to be made available at the same time, so we can begin to build our fleets immediately. I think it is very cool that Fantasy Flight decided to do this with their release schedule.

I think a good fleet building approach would be to add one of each Expansion to the  core set then play these ships for a while and see what you like, and what FFG will release in Q2. I was initially going to buy two core sets, but I am going to wait now...

The Star Destroyers will need to be escorted by many fighter squadrons. You will likely do better with a good number of squadrons for each capitol ship, rather than having more capitol ships in your fleets. This approach is more like super X-Wing EPIC game, which is kinda how ARMADA is shaping up as I see more info about it.

Fleet Boss out!