Friday, June 29, 2018


It's a Dirty Black Summer... again; so I hunted up some NICE Eldritch Horror miniatures, and terrain models for my Eldritch Horror Extreme Skirmish Game... to defy Miserable Summer! Hurry up and come back home Autumn!

I purchased a few neat little items this month for my Good ECO and Evil Bogger, Deep, and Vampire gangs! I have been thinking about Character-Gang boards for my game, and decided the Ultimate Guard 14 pocket sheets will work very well. I happily also finally found a very cool fence setup that I like and can use with all of my Lovecraftian terrain. I hunted up some very nice deals on a pair of O Scale old school model house too this month, and more vehicles for my Dunwich and Arkham Environments! 

I have been looking around for a nice YT-1300 Light Freighter model for my LEGION Terrain... for a while now. I decided to get the silly force awakens version after I saw a video review of it where the owner had black washed it and made it look great. I also stumbled on another wacky toy recently that will become my REBEL BD-A7... cause reasons! The nice lights set is going to be used for lighting some of my Legion buildings and as fire/explosion tokens.

Happy Collecting Boss out!

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