Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This month i got a few more extra ships to get my X-Wing EPIC Fleets up to par. I almost went extra crazy and got two more YT-1300's and Firespray-31's, but I just got one more of each because I decided to turn my attention to more raw modeling supplies so I can get my EPIC Ships back on the work desk, with warm weather returning... I can do some priming a painting again.

I still need at least one more YT-1300 and like... three more Firespray-31's. I am going to build a HUTT Cartel and Mando characters need to be added to the main SCUM collection. There is still a good supply of both so I can get more next month.

Since I am going to be doing some more serious modeling, which I have been putting off over the winter, I needed a new desk lamp for working and for photography. Also the cute little hairdryer will come in handy for quick drying putty and paint. The crazy-ass Nerf blaster is the base for a new SCUM Huge Ship... it is going to be cool. Thanks for the idea Big-Lee!

I was finally able to get little tokens for my version of tracking Energy and Shields in X-Wing EPIC. I also needed a few more miniatures and some bases for the monsters for my little characters, and a nice S&V Logo for my SCUM Game Box... STAR WARS SWAG is just about glorious!

That covers it for this month... see you again on the next 29th my Star Brothers.

Boss out!