Friday, January 23, 2015


FFG posted their informative new build article for Scum & Villainy today. This faction just has it going on!

The new SCUM has as much flexibility as you could want, and the special upgrades make for a truly unique faction.

The Z's are going to be cool...  sure you can blow them up with relative ease, but they might have a Dead Man's Switch... WHAM! Then we have all of the new goodies for our beloved Y-Wings! Have a nice day!

Then there are the Bounty Hunters! I absolutely love that Boba Fett is where he belongs now, and is joined by IG-88... that is just so right and so cool.

The EPIC games I am going to be able to play once Scum & Villainy arrives are going to be so much fun! Keep up the great work Fantasy Flight!

SCUM Boss out!