Thursday, January 29, 2015


I decided to start the year off with some good ole Imperial ships, and some pretty colored bases for all of my models.

I went crazy after I picked up my second Decimator. Of course I decided that I also needed a few more Interceptors to keep the flanks covered, particularly when I am running both of these wonderful large ships. I am getting a TIE or more a month now until I have at least two dozen for Epic.

The STAW D&D bases are awesomeness... these will be pure glory in my future huge battles for all of my collections. I love that these bases all match the faction I game. Kinda neat!

I grabbed some more bits. the first 40K model stuff I have purchased in fifteen years, to make some STAR WARS ships this year. I will be posting all new videos soon...

STAW goodies are always fun. I am set up to run another Klingon and Romulan Attack Wing with these new additions.

I just ordered all of my toys for February's Collection. I am getting setup to roll out the Boss' Battle Parlor and Boss' Video Shop content for 2015. Videos, and more videos are coming, and better pictures too!

Boss out!

Friday, January 23, 2015


FFG posted their informative new build article for Scum & Villainy today. This faction just has it going on!

The new SCUM has as much flexibility as you could want, and the special upgrades make for a truly unique faction.

The Z's are going to be cool...  sure you can blow them up with relative ease, but they might have a Dead Man's Switch... WHAM! Then we have all of the new goodies for our beloved Y-Wings! Have a nice day!

Then there are the Bounty Hunters! I absolutely love that Boba Fett is where he belongs now, and is joined by IG-88... that is just so right and so cool.

The EPIC games I am going to be able to play once Scum & Villainy arrives are going to be so much fun! Keep up the great work Fantasy Flight!

SCUM Boss out!

Friday, January 16, 2015


FFG previews the Imperial Star Destroyer Expansions today in their Star Destroyers article. The whole of Wave One is supposed to be made available at the same time, so we can begin to build our fleets immediately. I think it is very cool that Fantasy Flight decided to do this with their release schedule.

I think a good fleet building approach would be to add one of each Expansion to the  core set then play these ships for a while and see what you like, and what FFG will release in Q2. I was initially going to buy two core sets, but I am going to wait now...

The Star Destroyers will need to be escorted by many fighter squadrons. You will likely do better with a good number of squadrons for each capitol ship, rather than having more capitol ships in your fleets. This approach is more like super X-Wing EPIC game, which is kinda how ARMADA is shaping up as I see more info about it.

Fleet Boss out!

Monday, January 12, 2015


FFG post the first preview of IG-88's ship the IG-2000 in their Cold, Metal, and Evil article. This is a great way to start off the new year!

I am very happy to see Fantasy Flight bringing IG-88 into the game. That strongly suggest to me that they are going to bring the rest of the beloved Bounty Hunters in X-Wing, as they should.

This is the first preview of the IG-2000. I think we have seen most of the new cards, but there may be some more cool stuff in the second preview.

FFG post the last Scum & Villainy small ship preview in their Intercept and Destroy  article at the very end of 2014! As a fan of the Mandalorians and thus Mandalmotors, the Scyk is my favorite Wave Six small ship.

This is the third Interceptor in the game. I think it may be the best at functioning in many diverse missions because of it's upgrade options.

We can expect all of Wave Six in February... 'ish.

The last two weeks have been fun as FFG ended 2014 and started 2015 with the SCUM Previews of the ships I am most excited for.

SCUM Boss out!

Friday, January 9, 2015


I have been wondering if there would be a Gatlantis (Comet Empire) remake, since the Yamato 2199 (Star Blazers) remake happened. Now that the Starfairing Ark film is a reality, the series is virtually guaranteed.

Knowing how cool Bandai are about producing corresponding models for the best Japanese franchises, I immediately thought that we would be getting a new Comet Empire model range.

Sure enough, the first Gatlantis ship was previewed late in 2014 and is available this year! The Gatlantis Fleet is available in the Mecha Colle series too, but the models are out of relative scale and thus not good as a whole collection for our gaming purposes.

The trailer for The Starfairing Arc gives us a nice look at all of the main Gatlantis Astro Fleet.

I am very happy that Bandai has started to make a full range of models for the Gatlantis... this is just cool!

Star Blazing Boss out!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year to my B6*R7 Flyers and all Star Brothers & Sisters out there in the void!


Gaming is one of the best hobbies for people like us, I think. I happen to also enjoy videos about gaming. I have decided that I am going to start making my own videos all about our hobby starting this spring.

There are a lot of cool things we like coming this year...


What do we love most? For me The SCUM AND VILLAINY faction introduced as WAVE SIX and the first Imperial Huge Ship for X-WING EPIC are pure awesomeness! FFG is also releasing STAR WARS ARMADA! I must have all of this coolness.

BANDAI are producing a Comet Empire Fleet for YAMATO 2199... how cool is that?  As for STAW... I am not sure what Wizzies is planning. Honestly I am pretty satisfied as things stand now, in terms of the ships available, but I will still keep an eye out for new ATTACK WING products.

The New STAR WARS and STAR TREK films are also due this year and I think they will be awesome!

There is a lot of fun in store.

Boss out!