Sunday, September 29, 2013


Some form of an Imperial Customs Frigate is in all probability coming from our friends at FFG in 2014,  to counter and compliment their Blockade Runner. It is awesome that this excellent company has committed to producing these large ships to expand our already cool game!
With that stated, no matter what FFG makes, it will not cover everything that I want to see on the table, so I am going to make an Imperial Customs Frigate hybrid so to speak.

The three images above are of my favorite variations on the Classic Star Destroyer.  I am going to incorporate the cool detail elements from each of these designs into my own large frigate, that I am calling an Imperial Striker Assault Frigate. I have already planned a medium freighter (Falcon) sized small frigate too, but I want to make the large model first to battle with my Mark III Assault Frigate...Ha, Ha!

CUSTOMS FRIGATES images via Google.

IMPERIAL NAVY overview at Wookieepedia.

In my next related article, I will layout the major components, and general plans for this project. I have some cool model parts and specific modeling materials on order now from several online merchants, all of which should be delivered to me in the next two weeks...

Imperial Boss out.