Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Well my Star Brothers, GEN CON happened last weekend, and I can now very happily say that it is time for yet another X-WING update! Wave 8 seems to have been designed to make me (and most everyone else who loves this stuff) very happy indeed!

 ALREADY IN THE GAME: We own them (or will have them soon) and we love them! These ships are presented here for the sake of reference and because they are all pure awesomeness!

 PROBABLY COMING: Based on what has been mentioned in several videos by FFG staff, particularly the X-Wing Developers, and the prevalence of these ships in relevant media I am almost certain that all of these wonderful designs will be in the game...
UPDATES to my Probably Coming view comes in the from of several hushed comments from my tip-top movie news shows. They are certain now that KOTOR films are in the que over at Mouse-Central. Granted it will be down the line, and I am sure that none of the KOTOR ships that I have in my fleet image will be in Wave 9... but I think the main hero and villain ships will be on our tables in a few more waves. Prolly in the next three years. Bare in mind that our main FFG Brother Chris has made it clear that FFG has the licenses for STAR WARS for the next several years, which is likely five years. Chris was asked about this at the recent Inflight Q&A, and he verified in a general way what my cool movie talk people and I are are honing in on too. If you love FFG STAR WARS you should prolly get on board and fall in love with DAT MOUSE! Plenty of good stuff is coming my friends.

I cannot express in these little words just how happy it makes me to click off four more of my predicted ships as new additions to our wonderful STAR WARS X-WING and EPIC Games!

Keep up the great work Fantasy Flight... you Star Brothers Rock!!!


Happy Jedi Boss out!