Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Fantasy Flight Games updated the very much anticipated and overly long awaited SCUM & VILLAINY Wave Six status to Shipping this week! We can expect this glorious set of all new X-WING models to arrive at our favorite American shops in the next ten days!

I of course have my first SCUM Order ready and waiting... damn right Babies! I was going to hire Boba to go see what the hold up has been... but now I will happily wait a little longer like the rest of us Outer Rim X-Wingers!
For my regular B6*R7 Fliers who may be wondering why I only have two Aggressors in my cart, I am waiting to see if the Firespray-31 and YT-1300 show up too. I need at least two more of each. Believe it or not after all this time I still have only one of each of these magnificent ships!

"Hot-damn it's almost time to buy some more beloved STAR WARS Ships!"

SCUM Boss out!