Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I have been keeping a close watch for information on new STAR WARS products since I began to collect X-WING. It is fun to learn about the new toys before you can add them to the collection, and It is also part of the hobby to snoop around on line.

Most of us already know about The New Alliance Capitol Ships and The Imperial Aces. By all accounts we should be able to own all of these wonderful models no later than April!

I finally found a very nice and clean large image of the Tantive, during a recent Google snooping session. I was going to add some cute effects to this picture to make it look like the ship is in space or some such neat background, but the clear real world environment shows us the scale, which to my eye is right on with the Kenner Blockade Runner some of us already own.

Now for some news many of us may not be aware of I think.
Gale Force Nine is going to release New STAR WARS X-WING Terrain!

Judging by the G9 Asteroids Boxed Set the New STAR WARS Terrain will be very nice, and very expensive, but the good stuff is not suppose to be cheap. I do not have an exact release date...yet.
I will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Boss out.