Sunday, February 7, 2016


Well it has been six months and one week since I published my little Emoting Collection Diary, and it is time for an update! The Boss Emote making fun moved into my 30mm miniatures collection in the recent months.
I paint these little star people one pixel at a time; it ain't fine art but it is certainly FUN art. I love that you can see most of my favorite heroes and villains in the game now with their famous and infamous ships!. I have some more of these little  Boss' STAR WARS Emote people to make yet... but this is a good set pictured here in my first update.

It is fun to own such a diverse and cool collection of STAR WARS Toys. I might be kinda good now believe it or not now.
I have nearly 200 ships. It depends of what FFG and Dat MOUSE have in store. Based on the scant new offerings of ships in The Force Awakens, this may be a kinda Meh-year for new stuff.

I will be happy to see The SCUM Huge Ships this year, because we know that The REAL STAR WARS Game is X-Wing EPIC!

I am going to finish up my Boss' BIG Approved Collection this year regardless of what FFG is doing. You can look forward to more TREK Coolness here at B6*R7 this year my Star Brothers!

Happy Collecting & Emoticon Making Boss Out!